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Unleashing your digital potential

The digital age is here. There are cost effective, quick to implement solutions available to disrupt most business processes. Cost reductions and efficiency improvements are available across all industries - but the majority of leaders don't know what is available or where to start looking first.

To help our clients understand their digital potential, we have recently been conducting short, focused Digital Diagnostics - value driven assessments of opportunities to unleash simple, cost effective digital tools.

Our view - you no longer need to wait years to get value from complex, expensive technology projects, simple, cost effective software tools add incremental value within weeks of conception, the key is to get started early, implement rapidly, learn and apply robust continuous improvement efforts.

We were recently engaged to identify cost savings and productivity improvements for a leading producer of pulp, paper and fibre based packaging

We conducted a focused Digital Diagnostic and identified opportunities to generate significant sustainable value:

  • Performance transparency using mobile digital dashboards to enable management to drive front-line behaviours
  • Replacing paper-based audit forms and reference manuals with a centralised e-form platform to drive accountability for completion of scheduled audits
  • Data capture, predictive analytics and control system automation on major bottleneck equipment, to enable optimisation of throughput and availability
  • Safety wiring using digital tools to close the loop on safety critical actions and drive accountability for safety through the organisation

Please email the team to discuss your digital potential.