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Digital Transformation Does Not Start With Technology

A staggering percentage of digital transformations provide meager returns for their organizations. Where does the blame lie and what can be done to ensure the best chances of success?

Digital Transformation Does Not Start With Technology


Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “I know exactly how to embed digital across my business,” or you have just embarked on a transformation and are extremely confident of success. Sadly, the cold reality is that most organizations fail to effectively realize the benefits of digital transformation. To flip the odds, organizations must understand that no technology offers a one-size-fits-all solution—a crucial reality often overlooked in favor of speed or assumed convenience. Simply automating a bad process does not fix its underlying issues.

The first step is to understand where value can be generated; this will help identify the right technologies for the organization to deliver and sustain excellent outcomes, whether that is increased production, improved revenues or growth in new markets. Our firm defines digital value transformation as the process of leveraging the right digital technologies to achieve high performance that delivers and sustains excellent outcomes (revenue, growth or operational results).


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