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The next normal for FMCG

Adrian James shares how the lessons of lockdown can prepare you for what comes next.

The next normal for FMCG


Featuring expert advice on navigating the next normal, and interviews with businesses on the frontline of FMCG.

Adrian James, a Partner at Partners in Performance, recently spoke to Inside FMCG for a feature on the next normal for the FMCG industry.  He shares how the lessons of lockdown can prepare companies for what comes next. As we emerge from this pandemic and navigate the subsequent economic situation, some companies will thrive, others will struggle or fail. Leading Australian FMCG companies are already well into preparing for the next normal.


Adrian explains: “With lockdown restrictions in place, consumer spending shifted naturally from food service to grocery, resulting in a 38 per cent channel uplift through April. Times of economic hardship change how consumers buy – we can prepare now.”


Adrian details how to prepare by looking at consumer behaviours during the recent COVID-19 lockdown and the global financial crisis in 2007, while also identifying long-term opportunities to reinvent, realign and revamp.

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